adjective | joy-et-ic | (‘joi ‘e-tik)

Definition: of or relating to joy : joyful

Hi, we’re Solomon & Yanira Joy and we are Joyetic. We love life, photography, people, travel and capturing real life moments. Yep, we’re pretty simple people with big hearts and an open mind.

If that’s enough info for you then great! But if not, our friend wrote some really nice words about us for you to read. (thanks Zoe!)


Solomon is one of the most passionate people you will ever meet. His strive for the absolute best always pushes him to new artistic limits. It is not unnatural to see Solomon submerged in his ambitions. His love for learning and creativity make it fun to be a photographer. While creativity may come naturally to Solomon, it sure doesn't hurt to have his wife bring some friendly competition. Together he and Yanira have been able to grow in life and creativity, and their passion for travel has allowed them to gain new perspectives that translates into their work.



Yanira is adaptable, light-hearted and a dreamer. She met her husband Solomon, straight out of high school and they have been devoted to each other ever since. Yanira loves that she has found someone to help make her crazy ideas become a reality. While he may at times be her backbone, she is not afraid to take on new adventures on her own. Her most recent deed resulted in her spending 6 weeks in Thailand educating herself in anti-human trafficking. There she was able to use her photography skills to help bring awareness. She uses her ability to adapt, creativity and love for people in everything that she does.